Brewery Lending

Brewery Lending

Craft a Successful Business with a Brewery Loan

Breweries are a popular, thriving industry. There is an art to crafting the perfect brew and it takes knowledge and passion to make it a success. It also requires financing.

There are a lot of start-up costs involved in running a brewery, not to mention the cost of various equipment. At Dogwood State Bank Small Business Lending, we specialize in SBA Lending Solutions that can help you secure the funding you need for your brewery.  Due to the flexibility of SBA loans, they are ideal for solving a wide range of business financing needs — including start-ups, expansion, acquisition, and managing cash flow.

Features of Our Brewery Loans:

  • Up to 90% financing and sometimes more
  • Lower down payments
  • Longer loan amortization; no balloon
  • Flexible collateral requirements

Dogwood State Bank Small Business Lending can help take your brewery to the next level. Working with one of our talented Business Lending Specialists means you’ll have a vested partner who will get to know your business and walk with you through every step of the lending process.

For more information on brewery loans, speak with one of the Business Lending Specialists at Dogwood. Call us today at 855-557-6863.

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