Business Acquisition Lending

Business Acquisition Lending

Finance Your Next Endeavor with a Business Acquisition Loan

Purchasing a business, either as a first-time venture or to expand an existing company, can be an advantageous option for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is often easier to obtain financing for the acquisition of an existing business, especially if that business has an established customer base and proven track record.

At Dogwood State Bank Small Business Lending, we specialize in helping you navigate the mergers and acquisitions process to acquire a business that is structured with SBA financing. Through the SBA lending program, we are able to offer business owners longer amortization and more flexible payment terms on a business acquisition loan.

Features of our Business Acquisition Loans:

  • Up to 90% financing
  • Partial buyouts
  • Goodwill financing available
  • Can include working capital and new equipment
  • 10-year term, longer if real estate is included in the transaction

All of our SBA loans come with the approval of the Small Business Administration and the expert knowledge of our SBA lending team, meaning you can expect a seamless and reliable funding process. When you’re ready to grow your small business to the next level, the lending team at Dogwood State Bank can help! For more information on business acquisition loan options, speak with one of the Business Lending Specialists at Dogwood. Call us today at 855-557-6863.

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