Altar Spirits Distillery

Scott has been one of the best resources we’ve had since we started this process, eager to answer any questions about the loan itself, the benefits we could look for, and what sort of documentation we would need. I would absolutely recommend Scott and Dogwood State Bank to other small business owners, especially craft beverage entrepreneurs. A lot of lenders don’t understand the business. However, Scott and the team at Dogwood State Bank have a lot of experience working with both breweries and distilleries which translated well in understanding the business we are building.

Client Profile

Altar Spirits Distillery is a craft distillery located in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the Railyard District, a popular location in the heart of Santa Fe, frequented by locals and tourists alike. The distillery will source fresh, local ingredients to create premium wheat- and barley-based vodkas, gin featuring botanicals sourced from throughout New Mexico, single malt whiskeys, and a high-end cocktail bar. In addition to high quality, Southwest-inspired spirits, visitors can expect events like local craft and maker’s markets, Sunday brunch with a jazz feature, local musicians, and fun, creative classes! In Santa Fe, Altar Spirits is the local source for craft spirits and will be distributed to stores, bars, and restaurants throughout the American Southwest.

Loan Profile

A woman-owned and operated distillery, Caley Shoemaker brings a depth of knowledge and years of experience in the craft spirits industry. She began her career in Colorado, working for a local Denver distillery before moving to California to assist in the buildout and overall management of a new distillery for an established California vodka brand. Caley and her husband, Jeff, the owner of a consulting firm that helps small breweries define and execute sales and marketing strategies, are excited to combine their product and sales expertise to launch something of their own. Caley first connected with Business Lending Specialist Scott Birkner through the American Distilling Institute where Scott’s expertise in both SBA lending and the craft beverage industry provided valuable guidance. Caley was attracted to the SBA Loan Program for the fantastic opportunities offered to new business owners. Not yet an established business, the extra benefits of the SBA program, like lower down payments, less restrictive collateral requirements, and flexible terms, allowed Caley and Jeff to get Altar Spirits up and running.

The SBA’s government-guaranteed loans open doors to small business owners. To learn more about the benefits of the SBA Program for new businesses visit our website. Scott Birkner, and the rest of our experienced SBA team are ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

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