Brew Monkey Beer Company

Working with Charles Evans was great – I couldn’t say enough good things. These loans can be a lot to understand, but Charles explained it very well and made himself available throughout the loan process. He actually has a vested interest in me being successful. Despite the fact that we were closing during COVID, Charles was able to find the best route and move everything along. He fought for me throughout the process and was always checking in on how I was feeling and making sure I was comfortable. He was in it for the long haul and wanted to make it work. I absolutely would and already have recommended Charles and Dogwood State Bank to other entrepreneurs. The entire team is great and really feels like a close-knit group that’s there for you.

Client Profile

Brew Monkey Beer Company is a micro-brewery located in San Antonio, Texas. The brewery’s business functions are two-fold, including a taproom at the brewery, and sourcing their products to local markets, liquor stores, restaurants, and bars. Brew Monkey Beer Company has been a project in the making over the last four years, with owner Jim Hansen working to source the best ingredients possible for Brew Monkey beer. Brew Monkey Beer Company will offer several interesting, yet traditional beers, from West Coast IPA’s to Irish Stouts, offering something for everyone. One thing that sets Brew Monkey Beer Company apart from competitors is their unique process. They use 100 Reverse Osmosis Water, adding in different salts and minerals to mimic the region they are brewing from. For example, the water used in the process of creating their Irish Stout will match the water profile of the water in Dublin, creating both a craft beverage and an experience that is as authentic as possible.

Loan Profile

Owner Jim has spent the majority of his professional career in the craft beverage industry – from sales to brewing to production procurement, he knows the business inside and out. With Brew Monkey Beer Company’s laser-focus on sourcing the best ingredients and creating the most authentic beers, their start-up costs were higher than usual. Having been connected through Dogwood State Bank Loan Broker, Ken, Charles Evans and Jim worked together to help him reach his goal of producing the highest-quality product possible. Based on Jim’s business goals, they determined an SBA 7(a) loan to be the right fit for his business, which allowed Jim to have sole ownership of his business. Despite the fact that Brew Monkey Beer Company was Jim’s first start-up small business, the flexible terms of the SBA loan allowed him to obtain the funding he needed to get his business up and running.

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