Hidden Ships Distillery

I am incredibly grateful to Scott. He had to coach me through a lot, but he was always patient, sometimes even explaining things directly to investors on my behalf. Everyone from Patricia Grey in closing to Fred Dishunts, my portfolio manager, was great. I worked hard to do my homework, and I always felt like the team was doing the same for me.

Client Profile

Hidden Ships Distillery is located in Surf City, North Carolina, serving up a full menu of small-batch specialty spirits along with unique seasonal and local varieties. Their pre-prohibition inspired menu features vodka, gin, white rum, bourbon, and bourbon cream, as well as classic cocktails. As the first distillery in the area, Hidden Ships Distillery offers locals and visitors a place to gather in their intimate, lounge-like space to enjoy fine spirits, tours, tastings, mixology classes, and live music.

Loan Profile

Following a 21-year career in the United States Marine Corps, Andy Szwejbka and his wife, Amy, were ready to start a new chapter. They were first inspired to enter the distillery business after having an amazing experience at a craft distillery and they took it upon themselves to learn as much as they could about the industry. For Andy, this included a distilled spirits graduate program at the University of Louisville.  When they were ready to start their own business, Andy and Amy began calling lenders to secure financing for the distillery and were repeatedly told no. Most banks did not want to touch a start-up business. After speaking to over 20 lenders Andy was eventually connected to our Business Lending Specialist, Scott Birkner. Scott was able to help Andy obtain an SBA 7(a) loan for the distillery start-up, which allowed Andy and Amy to make their dream a reality!

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