Red Engine Brewing

Scott is super approachable and knowledgeable. He has all kinds of business experience with breweries specifically. Anything you’re trying to do – he’s seen it done! He understands aspects beyond just financing and always approaches things in an educational way. If you talk to him, you’ll get it! I’ve already recommended him and Dogwood to other entrepreneurs.

Client Profile

Red Engine Brewing is the first brewery located in Fillmore, California – a suburban community located in Ventura County. The firefighter-themed brewery will provide a new place for the Fillmore community to gather and enjoy a full range of unique craft beverages, wine, cider, pizza, charcuterie boards, salads, and more! Red Engine Brewing keeps community outreach front and center in its business model, hosting a range of events, including live music and festivals.

Loan Profile

While working as a firefighter in southern California for the last 15 years, business owner Preston Andreini and his wife got into the hobby of homebrewing. Looking for a new challenge and element of creativity in his profession, Preston and his wife decided to morph their hobby into a business! As they set out to turn their new dream into a reality, they were eventually referred to Business Lending Specialist, Scott Birkner. Together, they determined an SBA 7(a) Loan to be the best option for the brewery startup. Along with the reduction in fees provided during COVID-19, the SBA provided several unique benefits, including longer terms and less restrictive collateral requirements. Ultimately, the SBA Program allowed Preston to get his business off the ground!

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