Side Gate Brewery & Beer Garden

Scott is the go-to guy for funding in the craft beverage industry. From the beginning, his knowledge of the industry and the SBA Program gave us a lot of confidence in the process. He was thoughtful in his approach and took the time to really understand our business model and provide input. His calm confidence and guidance through the process were a huge benefit to us. He had our best interests in mind and made sure we were aware of every benefit available to us. We would absolutely recommend Scott and Dogwood State Bank to other small business owners.

Client Profile

Side Gate Brewery & Beer Garden is an all-in-one brewery, taphouse, and beer garden located in Concord, California. The brewery will offer a range of craft beer types with something for everyone, from the casual beer drinker to the beer connoisseur, as well as host events like concerts, comedians, yoga classes, and more. While breweries have taken off across the country, Side Gate Brewery will be one of the first in the Concord area to brew on site. With a full-scale manufacturing facility, Side Gate Brewery controls its process from start to finish, ensuring a premium-quality craft beverage experience. After a thorough search for the perfect location, owners Paul Culbertson and Kevin Wilson decided on a historical building, located just one block from the main plaza in Concord, in close proximity to a variety of restaurant options. In the suburbs of the west coast, “friends don’t knock,” they come around the side gate. Inspired by this motto and the relaxed, welcoming culture of their hometown, Paul and Kevin have focused on creating a fun atmosphere where all are welcome.

Loan Profile

Business partners Paul and Kevin connected through their previous careers in the corporate finance world, where they bonded over their shared business background and love of homebrewing. Each of their respective goals to start a brewery were many years in the making. Inspired by business owners who followed their passion, Paul and Kevin finally took the leap and joined forces to start Side Gate Brewery.

At the recommendation of several local SBA lenders, Paul and Kevin decided to partner with Business Lending Specialist Scott Birkner when it came time to finance the startup. After many conventional loan options had left them stuck between a rock and hard place, they were attracted to the SBA Program for the new doors it opened for a startup business like theirs. Designed with small businesses in mind, the SBA Program offers a standardized process with safety nets in place for both lenders and borrowers, providing unique benefits like lower down payments, less restrictive collateral requirements, and favorable interest rates. The SBA 7(a) Loan allowed Side Gate Brewery to fund the entirety of their project, from the brewing facility costs to their lease and renovations. With decades of combined homebrewing experience and a depth of understanding for how to foster loyal customers out of a high quality product and top-notch experience, Paul and Kevin are sure to make Side Gate Brewery & Beer Garden a success.

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