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Denise Clemence is a joy to work with. Having done so many SBA loans, she knows the process inside and out. She is more than an originator of a loan; she is a mentor walking you through the process. She was always there, whether I had a question or was missing something, she gets you what you need and makes you feel as comfortable as possible. The SBA loan took longer than a traditional loan, but it was worth it. I would absolutely recommend Denise Clemence and Dogwood State Bank. If you are looking to pursue an SBA loan, you couldn’t get a better team.

Client Profile

Joe Manausa Real Estate is a residential brokerage firm located in Tallahassee, Florida. While the majority of real estate companies across the United States employ independent contractors, Joe Manausa Real Estate hires from outside the Real Estate industry and utilizes a unique model that allows their realtors to be paid a salary instead of commission compensation. By utilizing this model, the Realtors under Joe Manausa Real Estate are better able to work as a team, in turn providing more value to their customers. A West Point graduate, Joe decided to pursue real estate after leaving the Army. He has gleaned extensive industry experience over the years, having purchased multiple franchises before ultimately deciding to start this company.

Loan Profile

After experiencing extensive growth, Joe decided to pursue an SBA loan to consolidate the company’s existing debt and refinance it under better terms. Joe was referred to Denise Clemence by a local lender and it was determined that an SBA 7(a) would be a great fit for the business. Joe was attracted to the SBA loan program for its competitive rates and terms, as well as the reduced equity requirement. The SBA 7(a) loan has had a tremendous impact on his business, allowing the company to free up cash flow and cut debt service by 85%, positioning the business for continued growth. With longer terms and flexible financing options, the SBA 7(a) loan is one of the most popular loans on the market for small business owners.

At Dogwood State Bank, we finance a wide range of business needs through our multiple SBA loan programs. Check out our website to learn more and get to our Business Lending Specialist, Denise Clemence. If you are interested in pursuing an SBA loan for your business, reach out today! We walk with our borrowers though every step of the SBA loan process.

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