Moments Assisted Living

Denise and her whole team are fantastic and pushed hard to make this deal successful. Dogwood’s experience working with Assisted Living Facilities was a differentiator for us, and we will absolutely work through them in the future.

Client Profile

Moments Assisted Living is a ten-bed residential assisted living facility located in Dunedin, Florida, providing all-inclusive, 24/7 care. Located on an acre of property, every touch of Moments Assisted Living is designed to feel like home to the residents who live there. Residents and their families can expect a daily schedule of activities, fresh-cooked meals, housekeeping, laundry, and services like haircuts, transportation to appointments, and more. Having experienced what it’s like to have a family member not receive the care they need in an assisted living facility, business owner Chad Daso and his wife wanted to ensure this would never happen to anyone else’s family. For the most part, Moments Assisted Living is family-run, with Chad and his family playing an integral role in the daily operations and care at the facility.

Loan Profile

For Chad and his wife, Moments Assisted Living is their first solo business endeavor. With a combined love and passion for assisted living, it was a natural business decision. After looking at different facilities for almost two years, they finally found the right fit, an existing assisted living facility owned and operated by a nurse practitioner. Chad and his wife were referred to Denise Clemence at Dogwood State Bank through the seller of the facility and property, who helped them determine an SBA 7(a) Loan to be the best fit for the transaction. Because they were purchasing both the business and the real estate, the SBA Program allowed them to combine both uses of proceeds into one loan. That, combined with favorable terms and assistance from the Economic Aid Act, made the SBA Loan an impactful step for the business.

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